Welcome to my new official landing page directed from The Seafood School at Billingsgate.
For the last 20 years I have been creating classes and delivering a large programme of courses for chefs,
caterers, catering students and members of the public to showcase all that Billingsgate has to offer.
My previous training experience include teaching at Leiths School as Vice Principal and Cordon Bleu.
All courses are delivered at the Billingsgate Market.

Seafood Scotland Fishmonger Masterclass - Round Fish

A Masterclass with CJ

I’m taking up the reigns again and will be delivering great new seafood cooking courses.

Seafood Classes for Everyone!

‘Gift Certificates available for all occasions.
Choose a course and buy as a gift for a friend’

If you'd like to know more about the courses please email me on

Saturday Classes
Sat 11th March 2023
Sat 8th April 2023 (Easter)
Sat 13th May 2023
Sat 17th June 2023
Sat 8th July 2023
Sat 5th August 2023

Saturday's Catch
8.30am - 1pm

(Hands on fish prep, no cooking)
Prepare a couple of fish and watch a short demo for a tasting lunch

Price: £100

Available Dates:
Saturday 25th March 2023
Saturday 15th April 2023
Saturday 27th May 2023
Saturday 1st July 2023
Saturday 12th August 2023

Mastering the Art
8.30am - 2.30pm

(Preparing fish & cooking)
Prepare fish and a couple of dishes to take away.

Price: £150

Available Dates:
Saturday 29th April 2023
Saturday 3rd June 2023
Saturday 15th July 2023
Saturday 2nd Sept 2023

Hook, Line & Sinker 
8.30am - 2.00pm 

(No cooking)
Hone in on your knife skills and prepare 4 species of fish.

Price: £150

Available Dates:
Saturday 1st April 2023
Saturday 13th May 2023
Saturday 17th June 2023
Saturday 8th July 2023
Saturday 5th August 2023

Shellfish Catch
8.30am - 1.30pm 

(Shellfish prep & cooking)
Prepare a handful of different shellfish to take away and help create a seafood platter for everyone to enjoy for lunch. You will learn how to choose, store, prepare, cook and serve.

Price: £120

Available Dates:
Sat.15th Apr 2023 (mackerel/tuna)
Sat.27th May 2023 (monkfish tail)
Sat.10th Jun 2023 (dress a crab)
Sat.12th Aug 2023 (sole to pocket)

'Learn the Basics'  

Join us for a 90 minute course from 9am until 10.30am to learn how to prepare a of the best fish of the week (seasonal and best quality)and take it home to cook for supper. Recipe ideas will be provided.


Available Dates:
Sunday 26th November 2023

Game Larder Day  

Working with a number of species prepare some of the seasonal game to take away and we will cook you a couple of dishes to taste for lunch. You will have lots of time with Gary to discuss the best way to cook your game.


Available Dates:
Sat 20th May 2023
(Lamb cutting day)

Making The Most of Meat  

Join Gary to learn the tricks of the trade, to cut half a lamb into shoulder, leg, b.e.n, various chips and cutlets, neck and trimmings (make plenty of room in your freezer as you will be taking all of this home with you).

Gary will also demonstrate boning a butterfly leg and shoulder into 'en ballon'.

(includes your lamb to take away)

Available Dates:
Sat 24th June 2023
(Cheap cuts)

Making The Most of Meat  

Choose the best lamb, beef and pork and Gary will show you how to cut foe daubes, stews and pot roasts.

(includes meat to take away)

Weekdays Classes
Available Dates:
Fri 28th Apr 2023 - Level 1
Fri 26th May 2023 - Level 2

Gut, Shuck & Fillet
(Knife Skills Courses)

6am - 1.30pm 

Level 1 - Working with small, flat and round fish. Covering gutting, skinning, filleting and shuck oysters.

Level 2 - Work with larger fish, fillet and portion. Dress a crab.

(No cooking)
Enjoy a market visit, breakfast and spend the morning preparing some fish and shellfish to take home.

Price: £175

Available Dates:
Friday 3rd March 2023
Friday 24th March 2023
Friday 14th April 2023
Friday 19th May 2023
Friday 16th June 2023
Friday 28th July 2023
Friday 18th August 2023

Catch of the Day
6am - 2pm 

Includes an escorted market visit, breakfast and a morning spent cutting and preparing fish and a couple of dishes to take away. I'll also prepare a number of dishes to include as a tasting lunch.

Price: £185

Available Dates:
Friday 7th Apr '23 (Good Fri)
Friday 28th Apr 2023
Friday 26th May 2023
Friday 23rd June 2023
Friday 7th July 2023

Morning Catch
6am - 9am 

(No cooking)
Enjoy a market visit and buy a fish of your choice to prepare in the class. You can buy lots of other fish to take home - there is no limit. Cutting session preparing your own fish after breakfast. Lots of tips and tricks from your trainer to enable you to prepare and cook your fish at home with confidence.

Price: £60

Available Dates:
Friday 7th April 2023
Friday 2nd June 2023
Friday 30th June 2023
Friday 4th August 2023

Seasonal Workshop
6am - 12pm 

(Prep with a little cooking)
Join a market visit to view the best of the day. We choose 3 seasonal species to prepare for you to take away. You will smoke you own mackerel for a Kedgeree breakfast. I will prepare a couple of dishes for you to taste.

Price: £150

Available Dates:
Friday 21st April 2023
Friday 9th June 2023
Friday 11th August 2023

Shellfish Workshop
6am - 12pm 

We look for a big range of shellfish from Crustacean and Native and American lobsters - through to cuttlefish and squid to molluscs - whelks and winkles and discuss each, prepare, cook and taste… and you take away a selection to finish at home.

Price: £185

Available Dates:
Friday 3rd Mar 2023
- Create - Green Tea cured char with home-made saffron pasta noodles
Thursday 6th April 2023
- Seafood chowder in a bread bowl
Friday 26th May 2023
- Snapper to sticky vietnamese fish
Friday 16th June 2023
- Monkfish to chilli satay
Friday 7th July 2023
- Hake to hot smoked with salsa
Friday 25th August 2023
- King scallops to seared with black butter sauce

Evening Classes
7pm - 9pm 

Come along for an informal evening to gain confidence in cooking more fish or shellfish at home. We talk to you about the fish and what to choose and you make the dish to tuck into for supper.

Price: £55pp or £100 for 2

Consider bringing your guests or team down to have an entertaining or competitive session at the market: Early morning to see the marker in operation and smoke your own fish for a quick breakfast. Lunchtime to make Seafood Fajitas for lunch Afternoon or evening class to cook a meal (vegetarian's catered for too) to sit and enjoy as a team.

We will be delivering our 5 day course for industry professionals who need to gain a certificate in food ID and quality assessment.
Monday 27th March to Friday 31st March 2023.
Please contact me for future dates (likely to be in Autumn 2023).
For more info please contact me at cj@kentseafood.com
Looking forward to seeing & hearing from you.


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